We grow older, we don't have to grow weaker.  ​


Know your health risks and get on an anti-aging plan customized for you.


Appointments at your convenience

You deserve more than 10-15 minutes of your doctor's time and attention


1-on-1 attention to you

The very best care 

Proactively addressing your health concerns and risks- not waiting around for something bad to happen. 


Personalized/Precision medicine is beginning to overcome the limitations of traditional medicine.

Increasingly we are able to:

  • shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention

  • predict susceptibility to disease

  • improve disease detection

  • preempt disease progression

  • customize disease-prevention strategies

  • prescribe more effective drugs

  • avoid prescribing drugs with predictable side effects

  • eliminate trial-and-error inefficiencies that undermine your health


At Radiant Precision Medicine we believe in the power of personalized care and attention. Throughout history, the practice of medicine has been largely reactive. Even today, traditional medicine usually waits for the onset of diseases, then tries to treat them. Prevention remains better than the best cures.

The drugs and treatments commercially available today are tested on broad populations and are prescribed using statistical averages. Consequently, they work for some but not for all, due to our genetic differences. On average, any given prescription drug now on the market works for half of those who take it. WE WILL DO BETTER FOR YOU.


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