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Comprehensive Physical Examination- augmented by Ultrasound

On your initial consultation, you will receive a head-to-toe physical examination augmented by ultrasound imaging. Ultrasound screening allows us to get a general look at your heart, major blood vessels, and solid organs without exposing you to ionizing radiation (CT scans and the like) which is linked to increased cancer risk. 

Secure Genetics/Genomics Testing

For years, many in the genetics community have strongly suggested that consumers consider the adverse consequences possible when ordering recreational genetic test kits, (think 23&Me, other genetic tests you can pick up OTC). 

Genetic/Genomic testing is frequently helpful in preventative medicine. We will work together to make sure your identity is not associated with your genetic/genomic data.

The US military has told their servicemen and women to avoid OTC genetic tests.

Continuity and Care Coordination

You will see your physician, who knows you, for your health visits. If specialty referrals are required, your physician will see those are coordinated and communicate directly with the specialist, to make sure you get the very best care.

In the unwanted event you do get admitted to hospital (or visit the ED), your physician will communicate with your healthcare providers at the hospital or ED in real-time (with your permission).

Complimentary Functional Medicine Therapy

Our first priority is getting you healthy on the inside, but we all want to look good on the outside as well. When you establish care with us you'll receive your choice of radiofrequency skin tightening, EmSella, EmSculpt, or Verju- depending on eligibility based on your personal health history.  If you wish to continue treatments to other areas, your cost will be discounted.

(There is a small population of people who cannot undergo radiofrequency and HIFEM treatments.)

Advanced Cardiovascular Profiling

For the total U.S. population, heart disease has been the leading cause of death for decades. Approximately 25% of cardiovascular disease is attributable to high LDL-C (the LDL on a standard lipid panel). Advanced Cardiovascular Profiling better quantifies your risk for cardiovascular disease, predicting around 84% of all cardiovascular disease. An ounce of prevention for cardiovascular disease is most certainly worth a pound of cure.

Privacy Protection

If you have been following the emerging partnerships between Google, et al and Health Systems (Ascension, Mayo Clinic, et al) you realize that your health data is up for grabs, and your consent is unnecessary. 

Radiant Precision Medicine has designed and uses a proprietary electronic health record- so NOTHING is shared unless you say so. 

Of course, our communication methods (text, phone, email, fax) are HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

Nutrient and Body Composition Testing

Our modern-day American diet often leaves people with nutrient deficiencies. We test for deficiencies and if found, try to correct those with a dietary plan consisting of whole foods, which we prefer to supplements when possible.

We use body composition via impedance testing to monitor your health status and progress. We do not use BMI as the Body Mass Index is a crude indicator of health- and we will do better than that for you. (There is a small population of people who cannot undergo impedance testing)

Truly Personalized Care

We work together to determine what testing/imaging will benefit you- considering your current concerns/lifestyle, family history, and your unique genetics/genomics. We do not provide one-size-fits-all medicine, sometimes seen in Concierge medical models, in which people belonging to varying benefit tiers receive the same testing based on membership cost. Your care at Radiant Precision Medicine is truly personalized to the unique individual you are.

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